Laminating hair treatment: brightness and softness for dreamy looks

Laminating treatment

In the salon, there is a treatment that is conquering women of all ages. It is the laminating hair treatment, a promise of long-lasting shine and irresistible softness for all those who want exclusive pampering for their hair.

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This is an innovative service that significantly improves the appearance and structure of the hair. It is carried out through the application of special products that create a sort of transparent film on the cuticles, sealing them and making the hair stronger, softer and shinier. But these are not the only benefits. The laminating treatment acts as a protective barrier against humidity, thus preventing the much feared frizz.

Plus, it offers thermal protection from heat , reducing damage caused by hairdryers and hot tools. This innovative service is also recommended for those with colored hair because, by shielding the hair from color loss due to frequent washing, it helps to keep the color vibrant for longer.

In short, it is a beauty treat that takes care of the health of your hair and facilitates its management at home.

In fact, the hair remains shiny and silky for a long time, because the effect lasts up to 8 weeks - making everyday looks magnetic and, even more so, those designed to shine during special occasions. Treat yourself to the laminating treatment for the holidays and welcome the new year with dream hair.

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