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where the art of listening merges with creativity. Hairstyling, innovative cuts, personalized colouring, tailor-made consultancy, luxury treatments
πŸ“Via Ferrera 11, Ascona

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Located in the heart of Ascona, Zephir Parrucchieri offers an elegant and welcoming environment, perfect for those seeking a high-level beauty experience. Our photos reflect the unique atmosphere of the salon, where every detail is taken care of to guarantee an impeccable and personalized service.

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  • Passion for hair well-being

    The heart of Zephir Parrucchieri is a philosophy that sees hairstyling as a journey of care and beauty. In every cut, color or treatment, we reveal the unique potential of each person, dedicating ourselves to enhancing the health and aesthetics of hair. Our mission is to transform every visit into a wellness experience, reflecting the profound connection between passion and hair health.

  • Secure payments, fast shipping

    We put your peace of mind at the center. We guarantee secure payments and fast shipping to ensure your favorite products reach you quickly. Your satisfaction is our priority.

  • Tailor-made consultancy

    Our tailor-made consultations reflect the attention and personalized care of Zephir Parrucchieri. Every meeting is an opportunity to explore your needs, turning ideas into reality. From unique cuts to custom colorways, they are the foundation of an authentic beauty experience.

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βœ‚οΈ Hairstyling in Ascona. Innovative cuts, personalized colours, tailor-made consultancy, luxury treatments

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