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Davroe Olio Curlicue Hydrating Hair Oil 50 ml Vegan Friendly

Davroe Olio Curlicue Hydrating Hair Oil 50 ml Vegan Friendly

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Davroe Curlicue Hydrating Hair Oil is a lightweight ultra-hydrating oil rich in a blend of 9 botanical oils, including: Abyssinica Seed, Argan, Avocado, Camellia, Olive and Sunflower.

- Formulated without silicone, sulfates or drying alcohols

- Provides intense hydration and gently defines waves and curls

- Disperses and absorbs easily to strengthen and condition all hair types, while creating a high-shine finish

- We recommend applying 3-5 drops to wet or dry hair (use more or less depending on the length and density of the hair) to soften, tame frizz and refresh curls

- Tip: Use as a pre-wash treatment to protect and deeply hydrate dry, coarse hair

Curly girl approved!

Davroe Curlicue Hydrating Hair Oil emerges as a standout product in the field of hair care, thanks to its ultra-light and intensely hydrating formula. This oil is enriched with an exclusive blend of nine botanical oils, carefully selected for their nutritional properties and benefits. Among these, we find Abyssinica, Argan, Avocado, Camellia, Olive and Sunflower seed oils, each known to contribute significantly to the health and beauty of hair.

One of the most popular features of this product is its clean formulation, free of silicones, sulfates and drying alcohols, which could compromise long-term hair health. This choice guarantees a deep hydrating action without weighing down or damaging the hair, making the oil suitable for regular use.

The Davroe Curlicue Hydrating Hair Oil promises to provide intense hydration, gently defining waves and curls. Thanks to its lightness, it disperses easily and is absorbed quickly, strengthening and conditioning hair of all types. This process not only improves the overall health of the hair but also creates a shiny, high-shine finish that enhances the natural look of the curls.

For application, it is recommended to distribute 3-5 drops of product on hair, both wet and dry, adjusting the quantity based on length and density. This not only softens hair and tames frizz but also refreshes curls, leaving them light and full of life. Furthermore, as suggested, the oil can be used as a pre-wash treatment for further protection and hydration of particularly dry and coarse hair.

The enthusiastic approval from "curly girls" is a testament to the effectiveness of Davroe Curlicue Hydrating Hair Oil in meeting the specific needs of curly hair, offering a versatile and highly beneficial solution for those looking to keep their curls hydrated, defined and shiny .

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