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1 LITER Davroe Shampoo Curlicue Cleansing Clay Vegan Friendly

1 LITER Davroe Shampoo Curlicue Cleansing Clay Vegan Friendly

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Davroe Curlicue Cleansing Clay is a lightweight, detoxifying shampoo to gently cleanse without stripping natural oils. Vegan Friendly.

- Fortified with kaolin clay, quinoa, Kakadu plum and lotus flower extracts

- Low foam content to detoxify and gently cleanse the scalp

- Nourishing Quinoa adds body and helps detangle hair for soft, lifted curls

- This product leaves curly, frizzy and curly hair renewed and refreshed

- We recommend applying the product generously from roots to ends, massaging the scalp and roots to create a creamy and slightly frothy foam

- Leave to act for 2 minutes before rinsing, repeating the operation for best results

The Davroe Curlicue Cleansing Clay presents itself as an innovative solution for hair care, particularly for curly, frizzy or curly hair. This lightweight, detoxifying shampoo is designed to gently cleanse hair while maintaining the natural oils essential for healthy scalp and hair.

The formulation of the product is particularly rich and carefully balanced. It is fortified with natural ingredients selected for their beneficial properties. Kaolin clay is known for its detoxifying abilities, capable of absorbing impurities and excess sebum without attacking the skin or hair. Quinoa, rich in proteins, helps add body to the hair, facilitating detangling and leaving curls soft and defined. Kakadu plum, rich in vitamin C, and lotus flower extracts have antioxidant and hydrating properties, which help renew and refresh hair.

Another distinctive feature of this product is its low foam content, an intentional formulation choice that allows it to gently cleanse the scalp without stripping it of its natural oils. This particularity makes it ideal for a kinder and more respectful approach to hair care.

The application of Davroe Curlicue Cleansing Clay is designed to be a moment of care and attention towards your hair. It is recommended to apply it generously from roots to ends, massaging the scalp and roots to create a creamy foam, which although not very foamy, is effective in cleansing and revitalizing the hair. The suggested application time of 2 minutes before rinsing allows the active ingredients to act effectively, with the possibility of repeating the operation to obtain the best results.

In conclusion, Davroe Curlicue Cleansing Clay is a healing product that responds to the specific needs of curly, frizzy or curly hair, offering a delicate but effective solution for cleaning, nourishing and revitalizing the hair.

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