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Davroe Spray Curlicue Curl Activator 200 ml Vegan Friendly

Davroe Spray Curlicue Curl Activator 200 ml Vegan Friendly

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Davroe Curlicue Curl Activator is an anti-frizz spray to instantly enhance, define and refresh curls.

- Formulated without silicone, sulfates or drying alcohols

- Enriched with avocado oil, lotus flowers and Kakadu plum extract

- Powerful curl activator but at the same time ultra-light

- Gives flexible definition to enhance natural curls and refresh them between washes

- Reduces frizz and smooths textured hair, to give maximum bounce

- Can be used as a light styling product, to give hold and lift or as a refreshing spray to reactivate curls left in place or straightened

- This product is layered daily without being sticky, and enhances the natural shine of the hair while protecting it from pollutants

- We recommend spraying the product generously onto damp or dry hair, curling upwards for greater lift

- For more definition or to reshape very elongated sections, spray small pieces and finger wrap each curl

- Make sure the product is distributed evenly for best results

- Tip: After using Curlicue Curl Balm, spray Curlicue Curl Activator into the palms of your hands and scrunch to emulsify the products and ensure uniform, frizz-free curls

Curly girl approved!

The Davroe Curlicue Curl Activator presents itself as an innovative and multifunctional spray specifically developed to enhance, define and refresh curls. This product is an ideal solution for those who want to fight frizz and keep their curls vibrant and well-defined between washes.

The formulation of the Curlicue Curl Activator is free of silicones, sulfates and drying alcohols, thus avoiding ingredients that can damage or dry out the hair over time. Instead, it is enriched with natural and nourishing ingredients such as avocado oil, known for its hydrating properties, lotus flower extracts that soothe and protect, and Kakadu plum extract, a super source of vitamin C that helps protect hair from environmental stress.

The action of this spray is ultra-light, meaning it doesn't weigh hair down but offers flexible definition, allowing curls to retain their natural bounce. It's great for reducing frizz and straightening hair, contributing to a cleaner, more controlled overall appearance.

In terms of application, Davroe recommends spraying the product liberally onto both damp and dry hair. By curling your hair upwards during application, you can increase the volume and definition of your curls. For more defined curls or to reshape specific sections, you can spray the product on small sections of hair and then wrap each curl with your fingers.

A further tip for those who use multiple products from the same line is to combine the Curlicue Curl Balm with the Curl Activator spray, applying them together to emulsify and obtain uniform, frizz-free curls.

The product has been positively received by the "curly girl" community, who have found it effective in keeping their curls in tip-top condition. It stands out for its ability to be layered daily without creating sticky residue and for its effectiveness in protecting hair from pollutants, while maintaining its natural shine.

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