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Zephir Parrucchieri

GOLD Hair Pack (3 months)

GOLD Hair Pack (3 months)

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Timeless Elegance and Innovation

Explore the GOLD Hair Pack by Zephir Parrucchieri, a premium choice for those seeking an uncompromising beauty experience. This package is designed to elevate your style and nourish your hair with advanced treatments and meticulous care.

12 Professional Styles: Benefit from a weekly healing and completely personalized style, enriched with tailor-made shampoo and treatments with Kwater or restructuring ampoules, ensuring hair is always shiny and healthy.

3 Color Sessions with Olaplex: Each visit includes a color service using Olaplex, to protect and strengthen the hair during colouring, guaranteeing a luminous and long-lasting result.

3 Scalp Cleansing with Premium Machinery: Once a month, the scalp is treated with latest generation machinery that deeply purifies, freeing the skin from impurities and residues, and preparing it to receive the best treatments.

1 Personalized Lightening or Darkening: An exclusive one-off service to further personalize your look, enhancing your personality and preferences.

1 Professional Cut: We include a refined cut to define your style according to your deepest desires.

1 Relax Ritual: an exclusive relaxation ritual is also included for a moment of pure well-being.

Duration and Price: With a duration of three months, the GOLD Hair Pack offers you these exclusive services at a special package price, representing an investment in your image and well-being.

The GOLD Hair Pack by Zephir Parrucchieri promises not only to renew your look but to enrich your beauty experience with a touch of luxury and personalized attention. Book your route and let yourself be transformed.

Hurry, places are limited and purchases of the Silver, Gold and Platinum Packs will end at the end of May.

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