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Zephir Parrucchieri

SILVER Hair Pack (3 months)

SILVER Hair Pack (3 months)

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Beauty and Care in every Detail

Immerse yourself in the SILVER Hair Pack experience by Zephir Parrucchieri, the first step towards the renewed beauty of your hair. This package has been meticulously designed for those who want a complete treatment that combines style, health and glow.

12 styling, Excellence in every styling: The SILVER Hair Pack offers 12 styling sessions, each customized to respond to the specificities of your hair. Each appointment includes a healing style, enriched with a shampoo selected especially for you and treatments with Kwater and a illuminating restructuring ampoule, which work together to nourish and revitalize your hair, leaving it soft, manageable and visibly regenerated.

3 Color Sessions: Enjoy 3 color sessions, each enhanced with the renowned Olaplex treatment. This revolutionary technology protects and restores the bonds within the hair fibers during the coloring process, ensuring not only a perfect shade but also stronger, healthier hair.

3 Skin Cleansing: An essential complement to this package, skin cleansing is performed three times over the course of three months. Using specific products such as creams and conditioners, this treatment detoxifies and purifies the scalp, leaving it fresh, clean and ready to receive the best nutrients.

The duration of the SILVER Hair Pack is three months, during which you can take advantage of these exclusive services, allowing you to maintain your impeccable style and the health of your hair with consistency and superior quality.

The SILVER Hair Pack is an investment in your beauty and well-being that reflects the quality and attention that Zephir Parrucchieri dedicates to each customer.

We promise to not only transform your look, but also elevate your hair care experience to a level of pure luxury and personalization. Book your path to beauty today.

Hurry, places are limited and purchases of the Silver, Gold and Platinum Packs will end at the end of May.

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